30 timeless wedding hairstyles for short and medium hair »Long Hairstyles

30 timeless wedding hairstyles for short and medium hair »Long Hairstyles

Are you ready for the big day of your life? Wedding dress? checked! Accessories? Checked! What else are you missing? Ohh yes, the hairstyle for your wedding day with which you will move in the hall. It is better to have your own hair styling, whether short or medium, because you cannot completely rely on hair extensions. Hair extensions can spoil your hairstyle in some situations, resulting in inconveniences for you. Are you worried about getting the perfect hairstyle option for your hair length? Here are some suggestions on wedding hairstyles for short and medium hair for the special day. You will definitely find the best one for you. Have a look.

And you are specifically looking for short curly hairstyles for the wedding, so you can check our other collection just for that.

If you have short hair:

Messy is sexy

Bridal hairstyles for short and medium hair

No other hairstyle can make you look more natural than messy fuss. The messy hair buns combine perfectly with the wedding attire that makes you look more beautiful. Keep a good hair spray and enough hairpins to keep the mess in place.

Sparkling headbands for the princess

There are a number of hair accessories available in the market to improve hairstyles. Headbands with brilliant rhinestones can be used to complete your renovation. Not only will these ribbons make you look prettier, they will also help you keep your hairstyle more comfortable.

Wavy updo accessory

Use wavy updos with a curling tool that looks absolutely stunning and natural. Keep the waves as natural as possible to be you. You can also use beautiful hair accessories to add to the hairstyle appearance.

Curls with vintage touches.

Curls are the favorite hairstyles when it comes to bridal hairstyles for short and medium hair . If you have short hair you can have a vintage updo with curls. Vintage hairstyles are perfect for the special day.

If you have medium length hair:

Easy medium for a beauty

You should look better on your wedding day, whether it's about the wedding dress or the hairstyle. Half of the hairstyles are too pretty to handle and easy to put on. Choose so easy half a day for the day and enjoy your day to the fullest.

Natural breaded headband

You can collect as many compliments as you wish with the breaded headband that complements your wedding dress. Walk the hall with elegance and steal the spotlight. Breaded headbands look natural and impressive, which is perfect for the wedding look. Easy to wear, the hairstyle with headband is the best among short and medium hair wedding hairstyles you can choose.

Curls with flower for a floral angel.

Feel fresh with the natural flowers in your hairstyle. Get the curls with the curling tool and decorate them with natural flowers. It's perfect if you have a floral touch in your wedding dress. You can combine the flowers in your hairstyle with the bouquet in your hand to complete the style of your wedding.

Lovely elegant updo

The updos are more comfortable to wear on the big day like the wedding day. Twist the hair sections and repair them with the hairpins in place. You can use the curling tool to get natural curls for hair lines that frame the face. The flushed bride can use hair accessories to improve her final appearance.

The list of all the stunning bridal hairstyles for short and medium hair must have solved the problem of the great day hairstyle. Be simple and pretty, since your boyfriend will never expect too much makeup or hairstyle to make you look weirder for him. These hairstyles are simple but capable of giving you a touch of elegance that the bride should wear.

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