30 short hairstyles trends to try in 2019 »Long Hairstyles

30 short hairstyles trends to try in 2019 »Long Hairstyles

It's not just your dress and your shoes that people look at. When you go out, people look at all your outfit and that also includes your hair. If your hair is short because you don't feel like combing it, you're hurting your personality. If you thought that short hair is not a good hairstyle, then you couldn't be more wrong. There are so many hairstyles that look incredibly good on short, chopped hair. It can be said with certainty that medium and short hairstyles for thin hair they will surely attract the attention of their friends in the workplace or in some special events. Here are some short hairstyles with a tendency to try this season, if you have short hair.

Madly chopped and blonde


Sloppy layers with random highlights are undoubtedly one of the shortest and shortest hairstyles of this season. If you want to let out that much needed spark, you will have to release it. Yes, the careless loose choppy hairstyle looks extraordinarily beautiful. And all casual attire goes with that hairstyle.

The bold bob


If you are looking for one of those short and trimmed hairstyles that make you look as if you were in your sweet sixteen years, then you should definitely go for the bold one. Yes, the bob cuts are back and they are back with a bang. With the right ombre tones, you can make your choppy bob hairstyle look out of this world.

For the appeal girl!


If you want to boast that the attractiveness of the girl goes through your hair, you should ask your stylist to get that hairstyle in layers and on the side. This is an excellent option for girls who want to get rid of that boring ‘hair hair where it looks’. What makes this hairstyle even more amazing is the variety of coloring possibilities it has.

How cute pixie


If you thought that elf cuts are outdated, you probably don't keep up with the latest fashion trends. That choppy pixie cut is what you need to improve your style this season. And guess what! You can instantly reduce your age, as with a pixie cut, women look younger than their age.

That mocked look!


Yes, short and choppy hair when teasing the crown looks more beautiful. And no, this style is not only for casual dress, but also suitable for any formal occasion. So, whether it's a summer robe or a heavy winter dress, you can slide without looking out of place with a look of choppy hair.

Incredible tousled layers


The disheveled layers are attractive and very relevant in the current context. If you wear this hairstyle, you can be an absolute winner of fashion, regardless of where you are: in the office, in a routine meeting, at a friend's wedding or in an informal meeting place.

That elegant woven hairstyle


For all that femininity and elegance, you can weave your hair a little. Now, you can knit it in different ways. And no matter which way you choose, it will surely look like a million dollars. This is a perfect choppy hairstyle and fits perfectly for occasions like weddings. Even brides can try this without looking bad.

Get the casual look


If you have fringed trimmed hair, you can definitely use it to try the fringy chopped hairstyle. All you need is to play with the fringes. Color them according to your taste and then sweep them sideways until they look more neat. For more fun, you can ruin the crown part.


Are not these short and trimmed hairstyles really amazing to give them a chance? Well, why not! So what makes you wait? Choose the one you think suits you best and do it!

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